Workshop on nonlinear optimization in constraint programming at CP2012

Workshop on Nonlinear Optimization in Constraint Programming

To be held in conjunction with
the 18th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2012)
Québec City, Canada

This workshop has the purpose of bringing together scholars that work on nonlinear optimization, in particular Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) problems, which combine nonlinear constraints with integrality on one or more variables. MINLP and Constraint Programming (CP) have a significant overlap of techniques, ranging from domain reduction to implicit enumeration techniques to heuristic algorithms for finding good feasible solutions.

This workshop is organized within the CP2012 conference and aims at attracting both CP and MINLP practitioners to discuss new developments. It is motivated by recent exciting results in both disciplines.

The organizing committee invites submissions of a short abstract (not more than 4000 characters) describing original work on a problem or application of MINLP, CP, or both, with a special emphasis on the nonlinear characteristics of the problem. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

- Domain reduction techniques in Global optimization;
- Quadratically constrained quadratic programming;
- Reformulations in MINLP solvers;
- Using CP methods in MINLP solvers;
- Software for MINLP and CP;
- Decomposition techniques for large scale MINLP and CP problems;
- Challenging real-world applications of MINLP and CP.

The submissions will be evaluated by the program committee and a selection of abstracts will be admitted for presentation at the workshop. We encourage the submission of new challenging problems, especially those that are not available in online libraries such as, GlobalLib, and MinlpLib. Note that registration at the CP2012 conference is necessary to attend and present at the workshop.

Abstracts can be submitted by email to Pietro Belotti at

Important Dates:

- August 31, 2012: Abstract submission due
- September 15, 2012: Notification of acceptance
- October 8, 2012: Workshop

Program Committee:

Andrea Lodi, Università di Bologna, Italy
Pietro Belotti, Clemson University, USA