Appel aux résumés (25 juin) : workshop "CP meets Verification" à CP 2014


This one-day workshop will be held at CP 2014, the 20th International
Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming
(, on Monday 8 September 2014 in Lyon, France.


This workshop gathers researchers and practitioners from constraint
programming (CP), formal verification, and software engineering, in
order to address the CP-based solving of challenging constraint
problems in formal verification and software engineering. Solvers of
CP technology are orthogonal but complementary to solvers of
technologies like SAT, SAT modulo theories (SMT), integer programming
(IP), and mixed integer programming (MIP).


The objectives of this workshop are:

+ The delegates with a non-CP background present challenging
constraint problems in formal verification and software engineering,
as well as current solution approaches (whether ad hoc or based on
SAT, SMT, IP, or MIP technology), towards investigation using a
(hybrid with a) CP solver.

+ The delegates with a CP background present either CP solvers or how
they have successfully used CP technology for challenging constraint
problems in formal verification and software engineering.

+ All delegates, whether presenters or not, discuss synergy
opportunities as well as challenges in formal verification, software
engineering, and the underlying constraint solving tools.

The first edition of this workshop was a one-week seminar in 2012:
see CP meets Verification 2012


This is a CALL FOR ABSTRACTS, not a call for papers. Abstracts of at
most one page, in text or PDF form, are to be emailed by the deadline
below. If anything is unclear about this call, then write to . The talks most compliant with the workshop theme
and objectives above will be selected for presentation in a full-day
workshop. There will be no papers and no proceedings, but the slides
of the presentations will be archived on this website.

All researchers and practitioners within the scope of the workshop are
invited to attend, whether as presenters or not, so as to stimulate
good discussions.

Depending on the success of the workshop, a special issue at a journal
will be arranged (details to be announced).

The participation cost is the workshop fee of the CP 2014 conference
(it is not determined yet, but will be very low).


This workshop is sponsored by the Certus Centre for Software
Verification & Validation at the SIMULA Research Laboratory, Norway.

If you also want to sponsor this workshop, then write to .


+ Wednesday 25 June 2014: Early abstract submission deadline, by email
to, with notification minimum 7 days before the
early registration deadline of CP 2014 (on 9 July).

+ Monday 4 August 2014: Late abstract submission deadline, by email
to, with notification on 11 August 2014

+ Monday 8 September 2014: Workshop (all day), in Lyon, France


Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Uppsala University, Sweden
Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Uppsala University, Sweden
Pierre Flener (main organiser), Uppsala University, Sweden
Arnaud Gotlieb, SIMULA Research Laboratory, Norway
Justin Pearson, Uppsala University, Sweden